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Multicultural Marketing Service for successful expansion into new countries and markets

With Tick Translations®, wherever you want to take your company, we will help you to successfully expand into new countries and markets.

  • Cultural consulting: We put our Cultural Consultants at your disposal, providing your team with all the information necessary to make marketing and business decisions.
  • Transcreation and adaptation of advertising texts: Transcreation is a creative translation that takes into account the culture of the country to which the message is addressed so that it elicits the same emotional response that is intended in the original language.
  • Online brand monitoring: We monitor your brand globally in all languages. We compile the content of interest to you and translate it.
  • Naming: The perception of a brand or service is different in each market, Tick Translations® offers an independent naming study for each country, region or segment.

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We provide solutions to companies’ global communication needs

  • Multicultural Marketing Service to help you successfully expand into new countries and markets.
  • Round-the-clock personalised customer care. 24/7 service - 365 days a year.
  • We have the technical capability to handle any urgent job and large-volume projects.
    We have the technical capability to handle any urgent job and large-volume projects.
  • Quality and security guaranteed. Backed by 5 ISO certifications: ISO 17100 + ISO 9001 + ISO 27001 + ISO 18587 + ISO 14001.
  • Instant access to your full project history in one place with Tick Management System.
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Tick Translations® offers professional translation and interpreting services in every language.

Our productive capacity and organisational efficiency make it possible for us to offer our customers the highest quality translation services with the fastest delivery times.

At Tick Translations® we consistently strive to offer you the highest quality translation and interpreting services at a fair price.

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We offer an authentic recording that is tailored to your target audience.


If your goal is global success, your subtitles must be translated and localised for your audience.


Change the language of your documents without losing the original design and layout.

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We provide solutions to companies’ global communication needs

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