Down Syndrome Foundation

Colaboramos con la fundación Síndrome de Down

We’ve partnered with the Down Syndrome Foundation, and as a show of our support for their important work we provide our services to them free of charge.

We plant a tree in your name

Our target is to reach between 100 and 300 trees per year, with a total offset of 20 kg of CO2 per tree planted.

Social integration and opportunities

Inclusión_Tick Translations

We collaborate with the MINFAS group helping to achieve economic independence and social justice for people with physical, organic and sensory disabilities. 

This Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy comprises all the actions carried out to establish trusting, stable, solid and mutually beneficial relationships both for Tick Translations® employees and for the regions in which it operates and the social system to which it belongs.

Commitments and principles of responsible action

Through this policy, Tick Translations® is committed to the following basic principles:

Integrity and transparency

  • Respect national and international legislation in effect in the countries in which the company operates, especially the principles stated in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Declaration Page 8, the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance.
  • Rejection of corruption, fraud and bribery in the performance of the company's activity and establishing measures to prevent and combat them, developing internal channels that allow the reporting of irregularities, thus protecting the anonymity of the communicating party.
  • No toleration of unethical practices, either for private or corporate gain.
  • Projecting the company's business reality so that employees recognise it as a solid and well-managed group in Spain and abroad.
  • To contribute to the shaping of a positive corporate image that helps to achieve business objectives and conduct business activity.

Service excellence

  • Striving to identify, meet and even anticipate client needs, whether internal and external.
  • Always looking for ways to improve and innovate, with an open attitude to new ideas.
  • Ensure that the needs and expectations of clients and suppliers are met.
  • Setting quality objectives on a regular basis and evaluating compliance with them.
  • Engaging in specific joint activities with suppliers and subcontractors to improve quality.
  • Promoting active, two-way communication, meeting client expectations, listening to their opinions and responding to their concerns.
  • Conducting regular surveys to assess the satisfaction of each client.
  • Constantly evaluating employee performance, seeking to implement possible improvements in their performance that contribute to improving the quality of service.

Employee welfare

  • Promoting a quality working environment, based on respect and personal and professional development.
  • Promoting diversity, equal opportunities and non-discrimination on any grounds (disability, age, gender, sexual orientation, etc.).
  • Guaranteeing the quality of employment, promoting the maintenance of steady and quality jobs, with occupational content that guarantees a continuous improvement of the skills and skills of the professional staff.
  • No discriminatory wage differentials. Ensuring appropriate integration of staff in the company.
  • Zero tolerance of prejudices with regard to people whose social, cultural or educational status does not fit models conventionally regarded as benchmarks or customary and which may unduly influence professional progress, which should be based on merit and ability.
  • Encouraging the use of inclusive language in any type of corporate communication and eradicating in all cases the use of discriminatory language.

Respect for the environment

  • The Tick Translations® General Sustainability Policy will be reflected in all divisions of the company.
  • Priority will be given to implementing improvements to achieve a balance between economic and social development and environmental protection.
  • An annual evaluation process will be carried out to certify the fulfilment of our environmental duty.

Systems for monitoring and overseeing commitments and principles

All measures are supervised by management. The initiatives that attest to these commitments include the following:

  • Our “Plant a tree in your name” initiative has the dual function of encouraging our clients to value our services and helping us to perform our environmental duty. Once the client has agreed to rate our work, we plant a tree and offset the CO2 emissions instantly. Our target is to reach between 100 and 300 trees per year, with a total offset of20 kg of CO2 per tree planted. This initiative, in conjunction with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems (EMS)certification, ensures our commitment to the environment.
  • Our permanent commitment to quality and continuous improvement. Tick Translations® annually renews 5 ISO certificates to guarantee the quality of its processes. These are ISO 9001 (quality management systems), ISO 17100 (requirements for the processes of providing a quality translation service), ISO 18587 (post-editing of machine translation output), ISO 27001 (information security management systems) and ISO 14001 (environmental management systems).
  • Our user satisfaction surveys help us understand our clients’ degree of satisfaction. These surveys, together with a regular internal analysis of our staff and collaborators, allow us to ensure optimal quality in our projects.
  • Tick Translations® partners with the non-profit organisation MINFAS Group, whose mission is to achieve economic independence and social justice for people with physical, organic and sensory disabilities. We offer opportunities of hiring people with disabilities into the workforce through our job bank.
  • Tick Translations® partners with the Down Syndrome Foundation, and as a show of our support for their important work we provide our services to them free of charge.
  • These principles are set out in our Supplier Code of Ethics and our internal Code of Conduct.