Quality, information security and environmental management policy

TICK TRANSLATIONS GROUP, S.L., as a global language services company, has as its mission to provide the best solutions to its clients, to help them in their international expansion in an efficient, flexible and dynamic way, and also to offer progress to our collaborators all over the world in a profitable and continuous way, through our comprehensive translation service in any language and subject matter, covering the following areas:

  • Specialised translation
  • Sworn and legal translation
  • Transcreation
  • Localisation
  • Interpreting (simultaneous, remote, liaison, consecutive, whispered, sign language)
  • Transcription, subtitling, dubbing and voice-over of audiovisual materials
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Multicultural marketing
  • Multilingual SEO

This Policy is intended to be the document that supports the strategic direction of the company, and whose ultimate aim is to continuously improve the service we provide, ensure information security and contribute to sustainable development and environmental improvement.

To this end, the Management of TICK TRANSLATIONS GROUP, S.L. is committed to the development, communication and review of this Policy, expressed in the following elements and commitments

This Policy is the framework for setting and reviewing management system improvement targets and their outcomes and impacts on our stakeholders, and is reviewed on a regular basis.

In order to achieve these commitments, TICK TRANSLATIONS GROUP, S.L. encourages the participation and collaboration of all stakeholders, so this Policy is published on the company's website and, if necessary, by other means deemed appropriate, for its dissemination and knowledge.