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Localisation allows you to take into account local culture and customs to adapt a text, product or software programme to a given region in order to position yourself in a new market by adopting local conventions. Localisation focuses on what works commercially and accounts for local consumption habits of a product.

The localisation service is especially important in the IT sector for websites, applications and software. Did you know that only 25% of internet users use English to surf the web? In the digital age, translating your website is not enough. To reach an international audience and optimise your site's SEO, you must adapt all your content to the local target audience.

At Tick, we are committed to providing a comprehensive localisation service that adapts the message to web-based and mobile applications, video games, software, websites, newsletters, blogs, etc.

We have expert teams in all programming languages: HTML, Javascript, PHP, ASP, JSP, etc.

We have an expert team in each specialised area

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  • Localisation service into all languages carried out by native, professional translators with a higher education qualifications and proven professional experience.
  • Round-the-clock personalised customer care. 24/7 service - 365 days a year.
  • We have the technical capability to handle any urgent job and large-volume projects.
    We have the technical capability to handle any urgent job and large-volume projects.
  • Quality and security guaranteed. Backed by 5 ISO certifications: ISO 17100 + ISO 9001 + ISO 27001 + ISO 18587 + ISO 14001.
  • Instant access to your full project history in one place with Tick Management System.
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