Video subtitling in any language and subject of specialisation

At Tick Translations® we can work from video and audio files or a combination of both. Our work system guarantees the highest quality service, as we have specialists available for each stage of the subtitling process and, at the same time, we use specific software for this type of project.

If your goal is global success, your subtitles must be translated and localised for your target audience. We provide localised subtitles so that your audience does not detect that your script was originally written in another language.

Live subtitling

Our live subtitling service makes it possible to read the subtitles for what is being said at any meeting, conference, training sessions etc. in real time.

Our subtitling team is highly experienced and has specific software to carry out their work professionally.

We have an expert team in each specialised area

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We provide solutions to companies’ global communication needs

  • Subtitling service in any language and subject of specialisation.
  • Round-the-clock personalised customer care. 24/7 service - 365 days a year.
  • We have the technical capability to handle any urgent job and large-volume projects.
    We have the technical capability to handle any urgent job and large-volume projects.
  • Quality and security guaranteed. Backed by 5 ISO certifications: ISO 17100 + ISO 9001 + ISO 27001 + ISO 18587 + ISO 14001.
  • Instant access to your full project history in one place with Tick Management System.
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Tick Translations® offers professional translation and interpreting services in every language.

Our productive capacity and organisational efficiency make it possible for us to offer our customers the highest quality translation services with the fastest delivery times.

At Tick Translations® we consistently strive to offer you the highest quality translation and interpreting services at a fair price.

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