The interpreter conveys a message in the target language as the speaker, without pause, delivers the message in the source language.


Converse in any language in your international internet meetings!


The interpreter acts as a mediator between two parties, interpreting every sentence uttered by both parties during the mediation.

Talk to your audience in any language, anywhere in the world with our interpreting services.

Thanks to our global network of professional interpreters, we offer a complete interpreting service in any language and area of specialisation. Tick Translations® meets the multilingual communication needs generated by the international market.

We provide:

  • Certified interpreters with vast experience in each language combination and area of expertise.
  • Hire of technical equipment (soundproof booths, public address systems, etc.). At Tick Translations® we guarantee that all booths comply with the ISO 4043 standard.
  • Specialised advice on the type of interpretation that best suits your needs.


Our interpreter sits next to the listener and performs the simultaneous interpretation in a low voice, so as not to distract or interrupt the speaker.


The speaker delivers a message, pausing to allow the interpreter to repeat the message in the target language.


The sign language interpreter interprets simultaneously from spoken language to sign language and vice versa.

We have an expert team in each specialised area

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Tick Translations® offers professional translation and interpreting services in every language.

Our productive capacity and organisational efficiency make it possible for us to offer our customers the highest quality translation services with the fastest delivery times.

At Tick Translations® we consistently strive to offer you the highest quality translation and interpreting services at a fair price.

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